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Watch me Grow: First Year Baby Collection ($288)

(Reg. $360, 20% discount if paid for in advance)

Includes 15 digital images for each of three 45-minute outdoor photoshoots.

This is my personal favorite; your baby changes more in the first year of his or her life then any other time. I truly love capturing and sharing in the journey, it makes me smile, and give us a reason to see each other.  All 30 minute sessions are shot outdoors.  A total of three sessions.   Below are some suggestions on when to schedule your photoshoot.

Session 1: 4-5 Months When the baby can hold his/her head up and grabs their feet.  

Session 2: 7-8 Months When your baby is sitting up unassisted.  

Clay Fam-243Clay Fam-243

Session 3: “Happy Birthday” 12-13 months Smash the Cake party! 

Its your choice when you schedule, you can also combine photoshoots with an event or theme...e.g. christmas, christening, or first birthday party...the value of each session is $80 and can be applied towards another package (e.g. event package) if you wish.

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