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Pleasure meeting you both! There were so many great pics, it was hard to decide, you can take a look at the proof gallery and select your 15 favorite, I will then do the facial edits on those, where necessary, like skin softening, dark circles under eyes, teeth whitening etc. Simply click the little heart button when viewing the pic. Call me if you have questions:516-448-0135
Violetta and Ricardo-002Violetta and Ricardo-004Violetta and Ricardo-007Violetta and Ricardo-009Violetta and Ricardo-015Violetta and Ricardo-017Violetta and Ricardo-018Violetta and Ricardo-019Violetta and Ricardo-020Violetta and Ricardo-021Violetta and Ricardo-022Violetta and Ricardo-023Violetta and Ricardo-024Violetta and Ricardo-025Violetta and Ricardo-026Violetta and Ricardo-027Violetta and Ricardo-028Violetta and Ricardo-032Violetta and Ricardo-033Violetta and Ricardo-034

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