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Mersayda and family, it was such a pleasure meeting you all. Select your favorite 15 by clicking the little heart button, you can also leave notes for me in the comment section, if you have any specific edits-I'll do what I can. If you would like more pics than the 15 already paid, you can apply the $80 towards either of two options: 30 images for $150, or all images for $295. Fell free to call me if you have any questions! 516-448-0135. All the best.
Mersayda & the Ms-001Mersayda & the Ms-002Mersayda & the Ms-003Mersayda & the Ms-004Mersayda & the Ms-005Mersayda & the Ms-006Mersayda & the Ms-011Mersayda & the Ms-012Mersayda & the Ms-013Mersayda & the Ms-016Mersayda & the Ms-017Mersayda & the Ms-018Mersayda & the Ms-019Mersayda & the Ms-020Mersayda & the Ms-023Mersayda & the Ms-024Mersayda & the Ms-025Mersayda & the Ms-026Mersayda & the Ms-027Mersayda & the Ms-029

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