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Maternity & Newborn Sessions

Maternity Sessions start at $80 (30 minutes, outdoor)

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Demi Moore's beautiful maternity portrait on the cover of Vanity Fair, prompted more and more pregnant women to have themselves photographed during this special time. Pregnancy portraits can be a wonderful way to commemorate the beginning of motherhood, but they take a lot of extra skill and care to get just right.

One great thing about maternity pictures is how they can break though shallow notions of feminine beauty. I take pride in my maternity photographs and aim to create images that flatter, capture the unique form of the pregnant body and help pregnant women, their partners and families feel a renewed sense of wonder and appreciation for the journey.

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Plan your session between 30-36 weeks of your pregnancy.  

You want to be clearly showing but still feel comfortable enough to enjoy the process.
Earlier than that and the belly may not be prominent enough, later than that and you may feel uncomfortable. But every woman and every pregnancy is different, so listening to your body is always a good idea.

The Beauty of an expecting mother is amazing to photograph, give us a call today at 516-448-0135 to schedule your session.

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Newborn Sessions: Sessions start at $150 (60 minutes, in studio)

Your baby should be between 5-14 days old for those cute sleeping images, although we still consider babies up to 6 weeks as newborns our approach is a little different. EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON YOUR BABY.  If you are interested in a newborn session...please contact me before the baby is born. If your baby was just born, call me today! 516-448-0135

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Interested in saving 20% on a combo maternity/newborn package?  click here for more info.