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Maternity Gown Rental

Maternity gowns are available for use during your maternity photosession.  You can rent one gown or more than one.  $20 to rent a gown, $30 to rent either two.  Below are some sample pictures of each gown, available in three colors (blue, pink and white).  

White Gown

RickandRox-684RickandRox-684 RickandRox-830RickandRox-830 RickandRox-726RickandRox-726 RickandRox-833RickandRox-833

Blue Gown

RickandRox-237RickandRox-237 VivianandJamesMaternity-321VivianandJamesMaternity-321 VivianandJamesMaternity-287-EditVivianandJamesMaternity-287-Edit

Pink Gown

MeravMatPark-036MeravMatPark-036 MeravMatPark-121MeravMatPark-121 MeravMatPark-201MeravMatPark-201