Blake and Kate,

It was such a pleasure meeting you both! Below is the proof gallery.

I envisioned the Groupon deal as a “try before you buy” experience, where for a low-cost, you get one custom-edited digital image.

After viewing the proof gallery, you can choose to upgrade, or simply continue with 1 image covered by your groupon deal.
If you choose to upgrade, you have two options: ($70 for 15 custom-edited images in total, OR $140 for 30 custom edited images).

To choose your favorite(s) image(s) click on the little heart button, and that will prompt you to create an account. Once you have finished selecting your image(s) you can text or call me and I will perform the custom edits (skin softening, blemish and dark circles under eyes removed, teeth whitening, facial slimming and smile enhancement-as necessary). You may also leave notes for me in the comment section, for custom edits, like slimming, convert to sepia/black and white, color isolation etc.

If you choose to upgrade, the balance due is payable via PayPal
For $75 upgrade, balance due is $79.50
For the $140 upgrade, balance due is $148.40

Feel free to call if you have any questions or run into any access issues.

All the very best,


Additional Info:

Please drop me a line review at Facebook or Google

Returning clients receive 10% discount on standard and All-Pics Package.

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