Kaitlyn and Simon

It was a pleasure meeting you both! You are a delightful and beautiful couple! I'm looking forward to meeting the baby boy!

Below is the proof gallery, color corrected and enhanced.

Your package comes with 30 edited image. Edits include skin softening, removal of blemishes and dark circles under the eyes, teeth whitening etc.

To pick your 30 image, select the little heart button. Then, it will prompt you to create an account. When you are done, shoot me an email or text and I will edit the images that you picked, and place them in a second gallery, from which you will be able to download and print.

If you would like to have all the pics in THIS gallery, the cost is an additional $50 ($53 w/ tax included). The gallery will be re-uploaded in hi-resolution and you will be able to download/print/share as you wish. You can pay here or via venmo.

Note, if you do decide that you also want THIS proof gallery, in its entirety, then when selecting the pics to edit, choose ones that your faces are fully facing the camera.

Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions. All the best,

(954) 417-5906

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