Daphne and Shaun,
It was a pleasure meeting you both! Below is the batch of pictures from our photoshoot. Remember, these are without edits, just an auto enhance.

Your groupon package comes with ONE images. To pick your favorite, select the little heart button on your first pic. Then, it will prompt you to create an account. When you are done, shoot me an email or text and I will edit the pic(s) that you picked.

To receive 15 images from the session the cost is an additional $75 ($79.50 w/ tax included). You can pay here.

If you would like more than 15 images, for free, you can leave reviews. For each review you, a family member or a friend write you will receive an additional 5 images. You can copy and paste the same review multiple places.

If you do not wish to leave reviews, but still would like to get more than 15 images, each additional 15 images is $70 ($74.20 w/ tax included).

Don’t hesitate to call me if you have any questions. All the best,

(954) 417-5906
Daphne and Shaun-1Daphne and Shaun-2Daphne and Shaun-3Daphne and Shaun-4Daphne and Shaun-5Daphne and Shaun-7Daphne and Shaun-9Daphne and Shaun-11Daphne and Shaun-13Daphne and Shaun-16Daphne and Shaun-18Daphne and Shaun-20Daphne and Shaun-21Daphne and Shaun-23Daphne and Shaun-25Daphne and Shaun-27Daphne and Shaun-30Daphne and Shaun-34Daphne and Shaun-37Daphne and Shaun-40

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