Alicia and Tom,
hope you are both well and enjoying the weekend. Here are the batch of pics from our shoots. I know we were not able to get the specific shot you wanted, but if you like to purchase this batch, you can paypal the balance of $84.66. You are not obligated to purchase, there is a photographers that I can recommend that may be able to get the shot you want:
1) Nicole Lynn
2) JC Penny (for more budget friendly options)
All the very best,
Kate-002Kate-003Kate-011Kate-013Kate-035Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-1Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-2Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-7Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-15Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-16Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-20Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-22Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-24Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-25Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-27Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-30Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-58Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-59Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-63Kate Alicia Tom 2nd-67

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