You can download the images in a batch to your computer, for better viewing. You can download individual images to your mobile device by pressing the cart button, then selecting download.

The next step: Pick the 30 pics to edit.
When you come to the first pic that you like and would like me to tweak, look for a little heart button. Pressing the button will give you a popup, to create an account. After you create that account, continue to pick your other 29 favorite pics for me to tweak. If there is something specific that you would like me to do to the picture, then leave that edit request in the comment section. Once you are done picking the 30 pics, select “share with photographer” option or simply text me (516-448-0135) and I will go in and access. It will take me about a week to edit the 30 pics, once you pick them.

After the edits are complete, or if you find a pic that needs no editing and you want to order as the 16x20 for the Shower, you can get it directly from my website, by clicking the cart button. I have to approve the order, so I will ensure that the cropping, coloring and resolution is best.

Feel free to give me a call if you have any questions or run into any access issues.
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Returning clients receive 10% discount on standard and All-Pics Package.

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