David and Jason,

it was such a pleasure meeting you both. Below is the before and after samples of 6 pics. I do not like picking pics, so in addition to these pics, you can choose an additional 5 that I will completely edit. Simply get the file number and then text them to me...thats easiest. I'll turn these 5 edits around in 48 hrs or less.

If you would like to choose more than 5 images for edit, the additional cost is $10/image, OR, receive for free if you leave a review (you can get up to 5 free edited photos this way). Instructions for leaving reviews here.

Regarding the RAW gallery, it needs to be downloaded by 12PM tomorrow, Thursday, August 11, 2017. Here is the link: http://www.miaphotodesign.com/p375281870

Don't hesitate to call me if you run into any access issues. Thanks,


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Additional Info:
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